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Sally Spedding – Behold A Pale Horse

This literary thriller mainly set in London and the south of France, draws upon parallels of evil through the ages. From 1271-1310 after the purging of the Knights Templar in 1307 and the round-up and torture of homosexuals from the French Riviera during World War II, to 1983 and young Catherine and Clement Ash’s loveless marriage. It also charts one deranged old man’s unfinished business leading to a different, even more deadly Apocalypse.

Dave Lewis – Wales Trails


Welsh writer Dave Lewis’s second travel adventure, attempting to put Wales on the international cycling map. Bikes, poems, castles and songs…

Reviews: “Wales Trails is written from the heart: It’s chatty, charming, informative, forthright, and sometimes downright irreverent!… It’s as if he’s sharing his travels with you over a pint….. or two!” – Don Szmidt


Terry Breverton 100 Greatest Welsh Women

100 Greatest Welsh Women – Did you know that the Britons can boast hundreds of female saints, one of whom has the oldest continuously worshipped well in Europe, as well the female Valentine, Arthur’s queen, an unknown Queen of England, the first woman poet, the inspiration for The Bible Society, the real ‘Lady of the Lamp’, the ‘First Lady of the Confederate States of America’, the tutor to the Children of the King of Siam, the first British female physician, ‘one of the finest painters of our time and country’, the pioneering bacteriologist responsible for pasteurised milk, a leading actress for eight decades, the ‘Queen of Hollywood’, the founder of a global fabric empire, ‘the most successful British singer, a fashion icon who gave us the mini-skirt, the ‘Best Female Singer in the Last Fifty Years’, one of the 20th century’s greatest sopranos, the first folk artist to play Carnegie Hall, the Greenham Common martyr, and the most successful Paralympic athlete in the world?

Sidney Harber-Bridge – Death on Ben Nevis

A body found in a remote location on Ben Nevis in Scotland poses a problem of identification for Detective-Inspector Annie Chisholm. In the course of her investigation, she discovers a surprising number of candidates for identity yet there is only one body. Who is it? How did it get there? Was it an accident? Or murder? With the help of friends and colleagues, she finds answers to these questions. Or does she?

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