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Some of our authors

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Sue Bowen

Sue Bowen is a retired primary school headteacher and school inspector, still involved in schools as chair of a local Multi Academy Trust. She lives in Macclesfield and has two children and four lovely grandchildren.

Walter Herbert Bowen, known as Bert, starts to keep a diary at the age of 14 in January 1914. From scouting, riding his bike to World War I his entries soon start to reflect the news of the day. Follow Bert as he fights in the trenches of the Somme to his later work at Porton Down – a fascinating tale.

G D Jones

G. D. Jones, author of ‘The Future Assassin’ attempts to answer these intriguing questions and many more with his own unique theories in this collection of short, fantasy fiction stories.

Who are we? Why are we here? What happens when we die? Is there such a thing as ghosts, UFOs, and parallel universes? Did Elvis Presley really fake his own death? Will aliens one day rule our planet? Or will artificial intelligence beat them to it?

Stephanie McNicholas – Town and Country Girl

Born in Pontypridd, South Wales, she qualified as a journalist in Cardiff in the 1980s and went on to write for national and regional newspapers and magazines, including Record Mirror and the Big Issue Cymru. Steph was one of the team of journalists who created the Western Mail website icwales, which later became known as Wales Online. In 2015, she joined community radio station GTFM in her hometown, as a newsreader and presenter.

Rob Graham – Craving For Adventure

Reviews: “Rob’s spirit I admire, and although he doesn’t set out to inspire; he certainly does” – Ben Fogel. TV presenter, author and adventurer 

“Determined to live his life to the full, Rob is rewarded with more than he ever imagined possible. A book for everyone.” – Ed Stafford. Explorer & first person to walk the Amazon River 

“Rob’s challenge to ride alone to the other side of the planet is a massive undertaking.” – Alistair Humphreys. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012

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