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Some of our authors

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Huw Beynon – Huw and Smile

HB was born on the sunny side of a Welsh hillside on the 26th and the 28th of November in the Year of the Horse. Yes, right from the “Oops!” moment that led to conception, life was clearly programmed to be a laugh a minute, sometimes two. For the past three years – from Brexit and Trumpety Trump to Social Media and Huawei – he has embraced the joy and the doolallyness of the passing parade as observed from the grassy knoll, essentially with hat set at a jaunty angle and a little ball bouncing along above the words. Happy days.

Harry Calvert – The Forester Fortune

“Starting out with nothing, good management and good fortune enabled the Foresters to rise from rags to riches over four generations.

The wealth thus acquired by the family provided its younger members with an opportunity for the best possible start in life but that same wealth did not always bring contentment and happiness.

On the contrary, for some of them, and also for some others, it resulted in the very opposite.”

Stephanie McNicholas – Town and Country Girl

Landing in London in the late 1980s, she called Record Mirror from a red telephone box, offered to write a review and began her stint as a freelance writer for the national Music papers. This is the story of how a small-town girl got to spend her nights at sizzling gigs and her days around a certain female prime minister… Town and Country Girl features over a dozen original reviews, including gigs by Big Audio Dynamite and Madness, as well as the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, the 1990 Reading Festival and a show by Ponty’s very own Tom Jones.

Born in Pontypridd, South Wales, she qualified as a journalist in Cardiff in the 1980s and went on to write for national and regional newspapers and magazines, including Record Mirror and the Big Issue Cymru. Steph was one of the team of journalists who created the Western Mail website icwales, which later became known as Wales Online. In 2015, she joined community radio station GTFM in her hometown, as a newsreader and presenter.

G. D. Jones – Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers

“Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers is a fabulous children’s sci-fi adventure based around the world of televised wrestling. Can the world champion wrestler Afro Anthony and his tag partner the Maniac defeat the huge four-armed monster in a winner-takes-all contest? Get ready to rumble with the giant alien in a battle that will determine the fate of Planet Earth.”

Another great story from the author of ‘Theory Tales’. Suitable for young children and teenagers who love to watch wrestling on TV and appreciate the showmanship and hard work that goes into these performances. As always with G.D. Jones work there is an original twist in the tale too!

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