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Some of our authors

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Sally Spedding – Downfall

Retired farmer, François Rougier, is creating a shrine near his dilapidated farm in the Sarthe, when his wife tells him they have received another threatening letter. The letter is worse than the last. Both know why. But they must at all cost keep their secrets hidden from their daughter. Delphine Rougier, who owns ambitions of becoming a gendarme, works as a chambermaid in a hotel near Le Mans. One morning Delphine discovers a new-born baby boy, left in one of the rooms. Dead. Delphine soon begins her own investigation into the horrific crime – and uncovers not only corruption within the local gendarmerie but also a disturbing event involving her father in 1968. Secrets and enemies are unleashed. Delphine and her parents are plunged into grave danger, becoming the target for a ruthless assassin.Justice must be done. But whose justice?

Hubert Tsarko – Composting For All

Review: “The titles of these poems give us some idea of what to expect, but not everything: places (such as Riscle) remembered from the wanderings of an artist living the vie routiere are given a surreal treatment; curious incidents (The Cat Sat on my Glasses) afford us unexpected entry into a private world; dreamlike employment of stock phrases and skilful evocations of atmosphere take us by surprise.” – Dave Lee

Hubert Tsarko is the pen name of John Short. Born in Liverpool, he grew up on the edges of Lancashire and went from school to study Comparative Religion at Leeds University. Later he spent some years in the south of Europe working in fields and factories and as an English teacher in Spain before settling for a long period in Athens. At the end of 2007 he emerged from an obscure neighbourhood of Piraeus to get a laptop and submit work to magazines. These days he divides his time between Liverpool and Barcelona.

G. D. Jones – Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers

“Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers is a fabulous children’s sci-fi adventure based around the world of televised wrestling. Can the world champion wrestler Afro Anthony and his tag partner the Maniac defeat the huge four-armed monster in a winner-takes-all contest? Get ready to rumble with the giant alien in a battle that will determine the fate of Planet Earth.”

Another great story from the author of ‘Theory Tales’. Suitable for young children and teenagers who love to watch wrestling on TV and appreciate the showmanship and hard work that goes into these performances. As always with G.D. Jones work there is an original twist in the tale too!

Stephanie McNicholas – Town and Country Girl

Landing in London in the late 1980s, she called Record Mirror from a red telephone box, offered to write a review and began her stint as a freelance writer for the national Music papers. This is the story of how a small-town girl got to spend her nights at sizzling gigs and her days around a certain female prime minister… Town and Country Girl features over a dozen original reviews, including gigs by Big Audio Dynamite and Madness, as well as the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, the 1990 Reading Festival and a show by Ponty’s very own Tom Jones.

Born in Pontypridd, South Wales, she qualified as a journalist in Cardiff in the 1980s and went on to write for national and regional newspapers and magazines, including Record Mirror and the Big Issue Cymru. Steph was one of the team of journalists who created the Western Mail website icwales, which later became known as Wales Online. In 2015, she joined community radio station GTFM in her hometown, as a newsreader and presenter.

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