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Amelie Ash – Epiphany



Reviews: “This poetry is quite simply, breathtaking. Amelie Ash speaks to us with unflinching honesty about horrifying experiences, and yet through this she brings us to a greater appreciation of the beauty of overcoming…” – Sarah Parkin

“What an emotional and heartfelt journey this young lady has been on. Would definitely recommend, excellent read.” – Carla R.

James Walton – The Leviathan’s Apprentice



Review: “Walton is a masterful artisan with language in poems that at the same time completely steer clear of artifice.” – Les Wicks

Rob Graham – A Craving For Adventure

acravingforadventure_rob graham_175_250


Reviews: “Rob’s spirit I admire, and although he doesn’t set out to inspire; he certainly does.” – Ben Fogel. TV presenter, author and adventurer

“Determined to live his life to the full, Rob is rewarded with more than he ever imagined possible. A book for everyone.” – Ed Stafford. Explorer & first person to walk the Amazon River

Janet Teal Daniel – Shetland Saga



Review: “An engaging, romantic and humorous journey into the landscape of the Shetland Isles, its culture, environment and people.” – Diana Wallace