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Sally Spedding – The Yellowhammer’s Cradle



Reviews: “Sally Spedding is supreme mistress of chillingly creepy tales, and this one is as chilling and creepy as the best. It’s helped by the period, mid nineteenth century, where the modern era is overlapping a more superstitious past, and the setting, the shores of a chilly Scottish loch. This is the land where you wouldn’t be at all surprised to come upon three weird sisters, brewing up eye of newt and toe of frog.” – SuzM


Dave Lewis – Wales Trails



Reviews: “Excellent read with lots of history included. Plus some bits of poetry. Tempting to do the ride but hills sound scary” – Amazon customer


Amelie Ash – Epiphany



Reviews: “This poetry is quite simply, breathtaking. Amelie Ash speaks to us with unflinching honesty about horrifying experiences, and yet through this she brings us to a greater appreciation of the beauty of overcoming…” – Sarah Parkin

“What an emotional and heartfelt journey this young lady has been on. Would definitely recommend, excellent read.” – Carla R.

Janet Teal Daniel – Shetland Saga



Review: “An engaging, romantic and humorous journey into the landscape of the Shetland Isles, its culture, environment and people.” – Diana Wallace