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Anthology – Ten Years On



‘Ten Years On’ is a celebration of the best poetry submitted to the international Welsh Poetry Competition between 2012-2016. A diverse look at the world we inhabit – alive, energetic, melodic, unrepentant and moving. This anthology is for all poets who truly feel. For the brave, the exuberant, the feisty, the outrageous and the rule breakers. A chance to revel in the moment and not be afraid.

James Walton – The Leviathan’s Apprentice



Review: “Walton is a masterful artisan with language in poems that at the same time completely steer clear of artifice. Careering explorations carry a great sense of unruffled stillness – this book is a well travelled hardwood chest filled with glittering curios, feathers, loss and tranquillity. The future of this art form lies in experiential reading of fully fleshed works like these.” – Les Wicks.


Dave Lewis – Wales Trails



Reviews: “Wales Trails is written from the heart: It’s chatty, charming, informative, forthright, and sometimes downright irreverent!… It’s as if he’s sharing his travels with you over a pint….. or two!” – Don Szmidt


Sally Spedding – Cut To The Bone



Reviews: “Each chapter left me on tenterhooks, with the extraordinary suspense and alarming occurrences seeping into my subconscious however, always leaving me reluctant to put it down. Rita Martin is a commendable lead character in having the courage of her convictions!” – Amazon customer