Waves Of Emotion

A story of turbulent emotions, mistrust, heartaches and true love. Betty is a strong and intelligent young lady in the business world, but in her private life she lacks self confidence. She is sensitive, vulnerable and after previous heartache has decided to shun male companionship whenever possible. Running away to the other side of the world to forge a successful career she finds sanctuary in Hong Kong but on her return to Scotland old scars resurface. As Betty’s troubles threaten to come back to haunt her will she be forced to relive her terrible past or can she find true love instead in the arms of the dashing Adrian?

Submerge In Poetry


A short collection of poems by Malaysian born author J. Loh Rettig, drawing on her travel and life experiences.

Born and raised in Malaysia, after graduating from High School, impelled by my inquisitiveness and adventures spirit, I soon left for Europe where I furthered my education and learned a professional occupation in Germany. Later on, I also spent sometime in UK for further studies and was awarded a Diploma in TESOL, in London. Poems and verses had always fascinated me. Inspired by them, I soon wrote my first poem at the age of seventeen. Now being an adult and a matured woman, I do observe and experience things more consciously and in a different way. This gave me the inspiration to put them into words, to compose poems and to make my first collection out of it. There might even be readers whose similar experiences are being touched upon in these poems. Take a look and submerge into the world of verses.

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