Before embarking on your journey please take note. The world of self publishing can be a minefield with all sorts of ‘dodgy’ practices. So called ‘vanity’ publishing companies can charge many thousands of pounds to produce (i.e. print) just a few copies of your book. They have no connections in the publishing world, cannot get your book anywhere except on your own shelf and quite frankly are only interested in how much money they can take from you. They have salesmen that are not interested in you or the work you create but rather in the commission they will earn.

Then there are other companies who offer to produce your book for free!  The only catch is that they then take all your royalties, so you work hard to sell your book and they get all the reward.

Other companies also keep all your ‘rights’.  What this means is if your book goes on to do well, or get made into a film or for TV then they get all the profit!

There are also other companies that charge a very low initial fee but then charge additional fees every time you contact them for small changes. This soon mounts up into quite a sum.

We are different. Firstly, we want to find and publish good writers. We also work with you every step of the way. We do not have an expensive office filled with the latest Ikea furniture, arty-farty posters on the walls, Lego toilets and dishes full of jellybeans.

We make no claims about how well your book will do, we do not offer to find you an agent or get you a publishing contract. What we do is offer a low-cost, professional, self publishing service. We get your book on Amazon and give you pointers in how to sell copies. How well you do and how many copies you sell will depend on a number of things:

  • how good your book is
  • who reads it
  • how you market / promote it
  • luck

At Publish & Print we work in partnership with our authors. We want writers who are serious about their self-publishing and want a high quality paperback or e-book.

Our paperbacks are printed on high quality paper, with a full colour cover using the latest print-on-demand technology. We believe this approach to book publishing is both liberating and empowering, we hope you’ll agree.

3 thoughts on “Be Aware

  • 11/03/2015 at 11:11 am

    Hi, Could you provide examples of your costs. Ta. Rob

  • 15/09/2015 at 2:33 pm

    Good point. I see some companies charging several thousands of pounds for a small poetry booklet, nothing but vanity publishing. So is self publishing I guess but at least there seems to be some editorial here, I see you have some very good writers amongst your list.


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