An exciting new author who writes fast-paced thrillers.

“A brilliant debut by a crime writer who knows his subject and how to keep readers turning his pages.” – Katherine John

“Mix a fit Taggart with Jack Reacher and put him in Wales, and this is what you’d get. Absolutely brilliant!” – Deb McEwan

Jock of the Bay

Jock McLean, highly decorated combat soldier and special forces trainer, returns to civvy street to set up a lucrative insurance investigation business in Cardiff. But when he is forced to track down the missing teenage daughter of a local crime lord he finds all the danger and thrills he misses from combat and more. His quest leads him into the decadent underbelly of the city where drugs, pornography and child prostitution are no more than currency. Desperate to stop the girl from disappearing permanently he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to secure freedom for her and the other victims he uncovers along the way. Even if it means exacting a retribution which risks his life. A first-rate hard boiled thriller from an exciting new author.


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