Born in Pontypridd, Pat attended Maesycoed Infants and Junior School and after passing the 11+ went on to Pontypridd Girls’ Grammar School. After leaving school she worked as a Solicitors’ Clerk and later as a secretary to a surveyor. Interested in writing since an early age she has written many poems, short stories for children and adults and a couple of plays. She enjoys reading, crochet work and in the past belonged to a hand weaving group. Her other interests are local history and Celtic languages, particularly Welsh, which her daughter and three granddaughters all speak fluently.

Scientists on the planet Vesicaria have found a way of transporting animals to a planet outside their galaxy. The animals have been brought back successfully and from data recovered from that faraway planet, scientists believe that life there is the same as that on Vesicaria. They think that now is the time to send a man to that planet. Ranth Amar, who is an astronaut, has in the past only visited planets in Vesicaria’s own galaxy, but decides to volunteer for the mission. Ranth’s girlfriend and many others believe that the journeys have been faked but if not Ranth could well be going on a suicide mission. Ranth finds himself on planet earth and as the scientists had predicted everything was the same as in Vesicaria, although way behind scientifically. When Ranth’s tour of duty is over another astronaut, Zand Halid, takes his place. Zand falls in love with Marion Jones and this sets off a chain of events that couldn’t have been foreseen.

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