Calling all poets amongst our readers. Don’t forgot to check out the Welsh Poetry Competition website. The contest was set up by poet & writer Dave Lewis in 2007. Officially launched on St David’s Day @ Clwb-Y-Bont, Pontypridd, 2007 the aim is to encourage and foster the wealth of creative writing talent that we know exists in Wales but currently languishes in the doldrums. We aim to inspire people to capture life in the present day and to give a voice to a new generation of poets and writers. We are not interested in purely academic types of literature but would much rather see pure raw passion burst onto the creative writing scene in Wales.


With entries from as far a field as Abu Dhabi, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Corfu, Denmark, England, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Swaziland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, USA and Vietnam as well as Wales of course, the Welsh Poetry Competition is a truly international competition, accessible to all (through the English language).

We also hope to publish an anthology of winners every five years.

Poetry Anthologies

‘The Third One’ is our latest compilation and comprises the winners from the last five years of the contest, 2017-2021. 

This third anthology not only cements our position as the biggest and best poetry competition in Wales but also proves there is a viable outlet for talented poets here as well.  A place for writers to be acclaimed on merit and not because of some connection to certain establishment figures or prejudice.

With thousands of entries from forty countries in the world we are firmly established on the global literary scene and each year we publish some of the best modern poetry there is.

After fifteen years of running the contest not only are we here to stay but we look forward with confidence to the next five years and yet more awesome poetry heading our judges’ way.

The book also includes the judges’ comments.  ‘The Third One’ is a beautiful collection of fabulous poetry to delight any serious reader.

wpc_anthologyii_200_300Ten Years On’ is our second anthology and contains almost 100 of the winning poems from the last five years of the annual, international Welsh Poetry Competition.

‘Ten Years On’ is a celebration of the best poetry submitted to the international Welsh Poetry Competition between 2012-2016. A diverse look at the world we inhabit – alive, energetic, melodic, unrepentant and moving. This anthology is for all poets who truly feel. For the brave, the exuberant, the feisty, the outrageous and the rule breakers. A chance to revel in the moment and not be afraid.

After 10 successful years and nearly 5,000 entries from all over the world the competition is now firmly established on the international literary calendar. This collection contains some formidable poetry, written by established poets as well as many new voices, all of whom were fearless enough to push back the boundaries.

The book also includes the judges’ comments. ‘Ten Years On’ is a beautiful collection of bright, modern poetry – enjoy!

frontcover_wpc_400The First Five Years’ is a celebration of the best poetry submitted to the annual Welsh Poetry Competition in its opening years (2007-2011).

A distinct yet varied expression of the world we inhabit. Experimental, vibrant, musical, shocking, unapologetic. This anthology is as much for the unseen writers as it is for the commemorated. All art is opinion and all rules are meant to be broken. So if we have pushed a little further back the conventional and the humdrum, if we have shook up the establishment a little and injected life back into one of the greatest art forms available to mankind then we stand guilty as charged. That was indeed our intention.

This collection of over 100 poems contains some fearsome poetry. Of that there is no doubt. And the reason, I would venture, is that the poets contained herein were not afraid to say what they wanted for fear of failure or ridicule by those out of touch with true avant-garde literature. And so, this anthology, like the competition, is for the real artists, both within Wales and beyond.

So grab a copy, sit back and enjoy. ‘The First Five Years’ is just that. The beginning. And yes, there is much more to come, so watch this space.

Dave Lewis

A big thanks to all poets who’ve entered, won a prize and gave permission for their work to be published by us. A huge thanks also to our great judges – John Evans, Mike Jenkins, Sally Spedding, Eloise Williams and Kathy Miles without whom none of this would be possible.

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