Steve Woods was born and brought up in Pontypool, south Wales.  He married Sue and moved to Australia in 1981.  Returning to Wales in 1993, he took up sailing, after completing a BA Hons with the Open University.  He spends much of his leisure time in the tropics, which he loves. He has published two poetry collections and an autobiographical account of his work, life and adventures. To buy any of Steve’s books just click the book covers.

In Transit’ is the final book in Steve’s poetry trilogy.

In this collection he shines a light on what, for him, are the three key aspects of life: ‘A Moment In Time’ expresses some of those fleeting elements in life which can leave a lasting impression. ‘People And A Sense Of Place’ reflects the struggle between adventure and security, together with consequences and responsibilities relating to choice. Ideas about the fundamental assumptions which sometimes keep us ticking over are also explored. Finally, in ‘All Is Change’, Steve pulls these intertwined and interdependent elements together, through the prism of change. For the author, this is the dominant aspect of all our lives, whether it be for good or ill.

In Deep‘ is Steve’s second work.

In it he considers ideas on relationships, the self and adventure; as well as issues such as environment and reproduction. Once again he uses humour to capture the essence of these concepts. Observations on the human condition and of course travel, are offered ‘In Deep‘.

Steve’s poems reflect past and present, as well as personal and wider observations. He is a traveller by nature and this is reflected in his writing.

He takes us on a journey from dark places, through pathos and humour to a kind of tropical contentment.  Both accessible and eclectic, his work is captured wherever his thoughts happen to be ‘In The Moment’.

A Ticket Out’ offers the reader a glimpse of what it was like to be a ‘steelworks spark’ in south Wales during the 1970’s.

Giving us a flavour of a culture and way of life now gone forever. Steve reveals insights into the aspirations which young men held on to while working in such a hostile and dismal environment. This is the true story of one young tradesman who loves his job – but dreams of so much more…

Steve was born and raised in southeast Wales. He served four years as an electrical apprentice in Panteg special steels plant, Pontypool. This was followed by a further eight years as an electrician on D shift. An honest reflection of working life in heavy industry in post-war Britain. But this is only the beginning of the journey for Steve who, like many Brits at the time, was looking for adventure and ‘A Ticket Out’.

Emigration to Australia was followed by learning to sail, travels to Tahiti and Fiji and also a chance meeting in Samoa with famous rugby legend ‘Inga the Winger’ Tuigamala, who became a friend.

The work is a fusion, with narration supported and enhanced by carefully selected poetic works; bringing the reader closer to the lived experiences of the author.

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