William Furley benefited from the freedoms of the European Union when he moved from London to S. Germany at the age of twenty-three and eventually became Associate Professor of Greek at Heidelberg University until his retirement to London in 2019.

He has collected here poems published over the decades in literary magazines and read at readings, and many not previously published.

Selected Poems

Praise for his work:

“I’ve always loved the poetry of Bill Furley, ever since first reading Jermini, which for me is the quintessential poem on refugees and the world’s economic disparities. Every poem is clearly about something, which is rare; every poem is well crafted (even rarer); and every poem has a satisfying conclusion—a keen observation, a sweet twist of irony, or just that final touch that means so much, like a ribbon on a gift. Read ‘Small Successes’ and you’re sure to understand why I consider his ‘Selected Poems’ to be a great success indeed.” – Gary Kissick (UK), winner of The Pacific Poetry Prize

“Bill Furley can build a true line out of anything. His works often gather up the detritus of the modern age – plastics and towels and spark plugs, flavours of ice cream and a hubcap – and weave them into an elegiac fabric of language. He elevates the mundane into poems that are sincere and story-like, casting long shadows that will haunt you for a long time.” – Russ Hodge, Author and Musician (Berlin)



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