Gypsy Campfire Stories

“The Romani gypsy community as had a long history with the paranormal. From ghostly apparitions to UFOs it seems every generation has had at least one chilling experience.

It is a well-known fact that gypsies are a very secretive community, yet there are so many great stories rooted in our history that it feels like a crime not to share them with others.

In this book you will hear true stories from gypsy families from all over the country. From strange encounters with ghosts, UFOs, fairies and everything in between. Stories that have gone untold to the outside world until now.”



Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers

“Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers is a fabulous children’s sci-fi adventure based around the world of televised wrestling.

Can the world champion wrestler Afro Anthony and his tag partner the Maniac defeat the huge four-armed monster in a winner-takes-all contest?

Get ready to rumble with the giant alien in a battle that will determine the fate of Planet Earth.”

Another great story from the author of ‘Theory Tales’. Suitable for young children and teenagers who love to watch wrestling on TV and appreciate the showmanship and hard work that goes into these performances. As always with G.D. Jones work there is an original twist in the tale too!

Theory Tales

Who are we? Why are we here? What happens when we die? Is there such a thing as ghosts, UFOs, and parallel universes? Did Elvis Presley really fake his own death? Will aliens one day rule our planet? Or will artificial intelligence beat them to it?

G. D. Jones, author of ‘The Future Assassin’ attempts to answer these intriguing questions and many more with his own unique theories in this collection of short, fantasy fiction stories.

Packed full of great characters, each and every tale is filled with a number of clever twists and turns. From a mysterious island populated by legendary stars, to a little boy who discovers heaven is for real. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed as the unexplained finally gets an explanation.

The Future Assassin

The gripping debut novella by G. D. Jones.

“Police community support officer and local hero, Jason Worrall’s world is torn apart when his ex-wife and their five-year-old daughter are killed in an alleged car crash suicide.

One year on from that night’s tragic events, with the Christmas holidays approaching, a reclusive Jason finds himself at the mercy of a strange young woman claiming to be none other than the mysterious hooded serial killer, known as the Future Assassin, who the police are desperately trying to find.

After she kidnaps him in a stolen taxi as she attempts to change future events and save the lives of innocent people, Jason is forced to accompany her from one destination to another, wherever the information written down inside a mysterious black book leads her.”

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