Keith J Roberts is a Swansea writer with an interest in Second World War history. His last book ‘Electric Avenue’, published in 2010, tells the story of the well known ‘Morrison Electricar’ battery electric commercial vehicles.

Those who have read about the terrible human cost during the Second World War will recall the millions of lives lost during this time. Here in our small island nation we had thousands of lives lost too, mainly through bombing raids which affected the civilian population. A lot of reading material has been published on the war on the home front, but little concerning crime during this time. Many will have seen the television programme ‘Foyles War’ and the whole series concerned crimes committed during the war years. My fictional book, tells the tragic story of a young lady who went to work in a munitions factory and was murdered.

“Within This War is the story of a Birmingham family whose daughter comes to work in a munitions factory in mid Wales.

Friendships are quickly formed and life seems rosy. But initial happiness soon turns to sorrow as tragedy strikes this close-knit group of girls.

There is a killer in their midst that must be brought to justice.”

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