Marie-Louise Green, born within the sound of Bow Bells couldclaim to be a Cockney but she dislikes towns and cities,preferring the great outdoors and peace of the countryside. A local writers’ group encouraged her to indulge her love oflanguage and reading. Writing has given her imaginationfreedom to draw upon past experiences, current affairs andbest of all a reason for ‘people watching’. After writing short stories, prose and plays the gauntlet wasthrown down ‘So you think you’re a author; prove it!’ This is her first novel.

The Misguided Samaritan

A dark story of a family moulded by abuse, neglect, a love betrayed, hate and sibling rivalry. Genes, fate and dogma govern the lives of Emily and her two sons John and Frank. A stranger provides the catalyst that will direct all their futures. Guilt preys heavily on John for the unwitting part he played in the deaths of two family members. Once a devout Catholic, part of him wants to seek the relief of absolution, but he no longer believes in God. To atone he makes fundamental mistakes and becomes ‘The Misguided Samaritan’ John considers himself a befriender of the young and vulnerable and we learn of the terrible paths trodden by them leading to this ‘Misguided Samaritan.’

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