Penelope Callow is the pen name of children’s author Penelope Garland. Penelope was born in South Wales to a Welsh Father and Manx Mother. Her life took her to Paris, France where she settled into married life as a teenage bride. She returned to live in Wales after living and working there but never forgetting her beloved island… Penelope hopes to write many children’s books!

Flip & Flop: Their Scottish Adventure

“Mother dolphin Fritha and her twins, Flip and Flop, embark on another adventure. This time to Staffa Island in Scotland where a variety of colourful characters guide her to her wedding with Atlantis at Fingal’s Cave. A delightful children’s story that will educate as well as entertain.”

With illustrations by artist Chris Langley.


Flip & Flop

“When Fritha loses her partner Judan she worries how she will feed her twins Flip and Flop. But soon a much bigger challenge awaits the trio as they get stranded far from home. Meet a wonderful cast of real and mythical characters as our dolphin heroes fight against all the odds to return to their special place in the Irish Sea. Come to the beautiful and magical Isle of Man and find out if the dolphins can make it back home safely.”

With illustrations by US artist Mary Masterson.

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