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Huw Beynon

HB was born on the sunny side of a Welsh hillside on the 26th and the 28th of November in the Year of the Horse. Yes, right from the “Oops!” moment that led to conception, life was clearly programmed to be a laugh a minute, sometimes two. For the past three years – from Brexit and Trumpety Trump to Social Media and Huawei – he has embraced the joy and the doolallyness of the passing parade as observed from the grassy knoll, essentially with hat set at a jaunty angle and a little ball bouncing along above the words. Happy days.

Sally Spedding

Sally Spedding was born by the sea near Porthcawl and studied Sculpture at Manchester and St. Martin’s, London. While an exhibiting artist and full-time teacher, she won an international short story competition and was approached by an agent. Wringland, set in haunted Fen country, was published in 2001. Sally is twice winner of the international Welsh Poetry Competition and works as a full-time author.

G. D. Jones

G. D. Jones, is a Bridgend based writer that likes to ask questions about our very existence. Author of ‘The Future Assassin’, ‘Theory Tales’ and ‘Extra Terrestrial Wrestlers’ he attempts to answer those intriguing questions that have plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Who are we? And where have we come from? An original, fantasy short story writer.

Hubert Tsarko

Hubert Tsarko is the pen name of John Short. Born in Liverpool, he grew up on the edges of Lancashire and went from school to study Comparative Religion at Leeds University. Later he spent some years in the south of Europe working in fields and factories and as an English teacher in Spain before settling for a long period in Athens. At the end of 2007 he emerged from an obscure neighbourhood of Piraeus to get a laptop and submit work to magazines.

J. Loh Rettig

Born and raised in Malaysia, after graduating from High School, impelled by inquisitiveness and adventures spirit, J. Loh soon left for Europe where she furthered her education and learned a professional occupation in Germany.

After writing her first poem at the age of seventeen J. Loh decided to produce her first book of verse in 2015 and has followed this up with a novella in 2018.

David Wright

As a professional photographer who has lived in south Wales for over 26 years David has enjoyed discovering the history of this beautiful part of the world and meeting some of it’s many interesting characters. In this, his first novel, he hopes to capture a ‘sense of community’ which has long since been eroded by the winds of time.

Sue Bowen

A retired primary school headteacher and school inspector, still involved in schools as chair of a local Multi Academy Trust. She lives in Macclesfield and has two children and four lovely grandchildren.

Sue has taken six years to meticulously transcribe a WWI soldier’s diary.

Pat McKenna

Born in Pontypridd, Pat attended Maesycoed Infants and Junior School and after passing the 11+ went on to Pontypridd Girls’ Grammar School. After leaving school she worked as a Solicitors’ Clerk and later as a secretary to a surveyor. Interested in writing since an early age she has written many poems, short stories for children and adults and a couple of plays. She enjoys reading, crochet work and in the past belonged to a hand weaving group. Her other interests are local history and Celtic languages, particularly Welsh, which her daughter and three granddaughters all speak fluently.

Stephanie McNicholas

Born in Pontypridd, South Wales, she qualified as a journalist in Cardiff in the 1980s and went on to write for national and regional newspapers and magazines, including Record Mirror and the Big Issue Cymru. Steph was one of the team of journalists who created the Western Mail website icwales, which later became known as Wales Online. In 2015, she joined community radio station GTFM in her hometown, as a newsreader and presenter.

Mike Coombes

Based in Newport, South Wales. He has spent almost 20 years in bereavement counselling and has now put in writing his experience – good and bad – of supporting over a thousand people through their grief.

Louise G Cole

Originally from Worcestershire, England Louise now lives in County Roscommon in the west of Ireland.

She writes short stories, flash fiction and poetry, and has been published, and won or been shortlisted, in various literary competitions.

Dr James Henderson

University lecturer James has a doctorate in Astrophysics and is passionate about communicating the wonders of the Universe to the world.

Black holes, quantum physics, space travel and aliens. This book offers an exciting tour around our amazing cosmos.

This great educational book should do just that!

Harry Calvert

The author is Professor Emeritus in Law in the University of Wales. He worked in many Commonwealth jurisdictions before settling in Wales in 1975. He lives in the Rhondda Valley with his wife, Heather, and their Welsh border collie, Coco. He is 85 years old.

He has published a number of books and academic papers.

Terry Breverton

Terry Breverton was educated at Manchester and Lancaster universities, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has spoken on Wales at the North American Festival of Wales at Vancouver and Washington and across Wales, given academic papers in Paris, Thessaloniki, Charleston and Seattle and taught in Milan and Reggio Emilia.

He is a prolific author with over fifty books to his name.

Dr Clyde Hughes

Dr Clyde Hughes lives in Swansea with his wife Anne, two German shepherd dogs, three cats, four Shetland ponies and a cockatoo which are all rescue animals. He runs an animal healing sanctuary and all proceeds from the book ‘Angelic Dowsing’ will go towards the running of the centre. He is qualified in many forms of healing and has been working as a healer for over 30 years.

Cari Glyn

Cari Glyn is the pen name of Jen Pritchard. Jen was born in Bargoed and has many happy childhood memories growing up in the local community before the pit finally closed. After completing A levels, she left home to study for a BSc at University College, Cardiff and went on to complete a PhD in Zoology. After a 30 year career in education, Jen recently retired and returned to live in S. Wales.

Skye Langdon

Skye Langdon is the pen name for Gilda Clark. Gilda is a British (Romanian-born) author, currently living in Chester, UK. A keen, dynamic mathematics lecturer, growing a tree of her life, with multiple branches of passions (fine arts, music and writing), intuitive, independent and sensitive to the outside world, with a vivid imagination and adaptability in the face of new challenges. She has a little family, with two children.

Ted Cogdell

Ted Cogdell from Griffithstown, south Wales was conscripted into the first (and only) peacetime militia in July 1939. What was supposed to be six months training turned into seven years of war. His adventures during WWII are truly remarkable. He was awarded the Burma Star, the Arctic Star, the 1939-1945 Star, the Defence Medal and the 1939-45 War Medal. This incredible memoir was written by Ted for his family. Ted is 99 years old and still lives in south Wales.

Shahilla Barok

Shahilla Barok is a well-respected and highly regarded trainer, with over 20 years of experience in developing people. As a fully qualified teacher, coach and NLP practitioner, Shahilla has helped to develop private individuals and professionals within businesses. She also designs and delivers training and workshops in a number of local authorities, corporations and to embassy staff.

Gillian Brightmore

Gillian Brightmore is a fiction and script writer born in Wales and an activist in mental health issues. She has published a number of short stories, most successfully, ‘The Woman who loved Cucumbers’ (Honno Short Fiction – 2002). Her work has appeared in Planet Magazine, Big Issue Cymru, Everywoman Magazine, Roundyhouse, Poetry Online Express, ‘Exchanges: Women Writing in Wales’ (Honno Poetry – 1990) and Velvet Magazine.

Amelie Ash

Ballet dancer and author Amelie Ash is from Leicestershire. Her debut anthology ‘Epiphany’ documents her battle with anorexia.

Amelie has also had work published in ‘Poetry Rivals 2012’ and ‘Women Writers of the Year 2015’.

Rob Graham

Robert Graham was born in 1961 in the poorly deprived area of Aston in Birmingham. Moving to Wales at the age of six months old, he describes himself as a true Welshman; even though his father was Scottish and his mother Irish.

At sixteen he went on to join the navy, travelling the world and experiencing firsthand the horrors of war.

Janet Teal Daniel

In 2004, Janet and Ieuan Rhys Daniel left their marital home of twenty-five years in south Wales to live and work in the Shetland Isles. This is the story of their experience and explores themes of attachment, relationships, connection, remoteness and belonging.

Janet runs a successful private practice, counselling from home and working with a range of issues. She particularly enjoys working with couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship. This has brought together her counselling and mediation skills.

Jay Thomas

At a very young age the author committed a crime, in that he had great difficulty in learning to read. Many years later he was diagnosed as being dyslexic.

These stories are written bearing in mind of the many misunderstood children who have difficulty in reading.

James Walton

Australia writer James Walton is a masterful artisan with language.

His first poetry collection is simply wonderful.

Marie-Louise Green

Marie-Louise Green, born within the sound of Bow Bells could claim to be a Cockney but she dislikes towns and cities, preferring the great outdoors and peace of the countryside. A local writers’ group encouraged her to indulge her love of language and reading. Writing has given her imagination freedom to draw upon past experiences, current affairs and best of all a reason for ‘people watching’. After writing short stories, prose and plays the gauntlet was thrown down ‘So you think you’re a author; prove it!’ This is her first novel.

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More new authors / books coming soon…