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Sidney Harber-Bridge – Death on Ben Nevis

Sidney Harber-Bridge, aged 85, worked as a professor of law in Australia, Asia, Wales, Ireland and England before settling in Wales in 1975. Once a keen mountaineer, he has published a variety of books and articles on law and mountaineering. Now retired, he lives in the Rhondda Valley, south Wales, with his wife, Heather and their Welsh boarder collie Coco.

A body found in a remote location on Ben Nevis in Scotland poses a problem of identification for Detective-Inspector Annie Chisholm.

In the course of her investigation, she discovers a surprising number of candidates for identity yet there is only one body. Who is it? How did it get there? Was it an accident? Or murder? With the help of friends and colleagues, she finds answers to these questions. Or does she?

Terry Breverton 100 Greatest Welsh Women

100 Greatest Welsh Women – Did you know that the Britons can boast hundreds of female saints, one of whom has the oldest continuously worshipped well in Europe, as well the female Valentine, Arthur’s queen, an unknown Queen of England, the first woman poet, the inspiration for The Bible Society, the real ‘Lady of the Lamp’, the ‘First Lady of the Confederate States of America’, the tutor to the Children of the King of Siam, the first British female physician, ‘one of the finest painters of our time and country’, the pioneering bacteriologist responsible for pasteurised milk, a leading actress for eight decades, the ‘Queen of Hollywood’, the founder of a global fabric empire, ‘the most successful British singer, a fashion icon who gave us the mini-skirt, the ‘Best Female Singer in the Last Fifty Years’, one of the 20th century’s greatest sopranos, the first folk artist to play Carnegie Hall, the Greenham Common martyr, and the most successful Paralympic athlete in the world?

Terry Breverton was educated at Manchester and Lancaster universities, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has spoken on Wales at the North American Festival of Wales at Vancouver and Washington and across Wales, given academic papers in Paris, Thessaloniki, Charleston and Seattle and taught in Milan and Reggio Emilia. He has given the Bemis Lecture at Lincoln, Massachusetts and been awarded a Helm Fellowship at the University of Indiana. Breverton has appeared in several television documentaries about the Welsh, including in Los Angeles, and has worked and consulted in over thirty countries. After a career in international business and acadaemia, he is a full-time non-fiction writer of over fifty books, and has won five Welsh Books Council ‘Book of the Month’ awards.

Dave Lewis – Basic Photoshop

‘Basic Photoshop – An introduction to Adobe Photoshop’ is an easy-to-follow, set of short lessons on how to begin using this industry-standard, image manipulation, software package. Also, knowing how confusing Photoshop can be to some people I wanted to produce a really straightforward guide to the basics of the program. This manual is for photographers who are complete beginners in Photoshop.

The e-book covers cropping, levels, sharpening, brightness, contrast, curves, black & white, hue, saturation, colour balance, special effects, cloning and colour popping. There is also a brief reference section with links to famous photographers and other handy websites.

If you’re a digital photographer whose completely new to Photoshop then this book is for you.

Dr Clyde Hughes – Angelic Dowsing

Dr Clyde Hughes shares with you what he has learnt over more than 30 years working as a healer, medium, dowser, space clearer and exorcist. Clyde runs an animal healing sanctuary and all proceeds from this book will go to help run his sanctuary. I have had amazing things happen to me over the years; some good; some bad, which I’ll share with you in this book. This book teaches you how to perform healing on people and animals, how to dowse from start to finish and how to locate by dowsing your Spirit Animals, Guides and Angels. This book includes a powerful chakra clearing meditation and a clearing protection prayer from Arch Angel Uriel. Clyde shares with you case studies of miraculous healings. I use divining rods and the pendulum to actually locate energy blocks in the body and to locate blocked chakras. This book teaches you to find any negative energy /spirits that have attached to you which can bring ill health and exhaustion. Are you feeling depressed and drained of energy and cannot shut your mind off ? Find out what could be causing it with this book.

G.D. Jones The Future Assassin

The gripping debut novella by G.D. Jones.

“Police community support officer and local hero, Jason Worrall’s world is torn apart when his ex-wife and their five-year-old daughter are killed in an alleged car crash suicide.

One year on from that night’s tragic events, with the Christmas holidays approaching, a reclusive Jason finds himself at the mercy of a strange young woman claiming to be none other than the mysterious hooded serial killer, known as the Future Assassin, who the police are desperately trying to find.

After she kidnaps him in a stolen taxi as she attempts to change future events and save the lives of innocent people, Jason is forced to accompany her from one destination to another, wherever the information written down inside a mysterious black book leads her.”

Terry Breverton 100 Greatest Welshmen

The 100 Greatest Welshmen is a veritable goldmine of a book. Did you know that Wales can boast the man who made possible the Internet, the world’s first football superstar, the patron saint of computer technicians, America’s greatest pathfinder, the founder of socialism, Europe’s greatest legend, an American Public Enemy No. 1, the pioneer of cinema, the first British historian, the world’s greatest pirate, the 20th century’s most important liberal thinker, America’s greatest architect, the man who won the First World War, five of the first six presidents of the United States of America and the world’s most successful buccaneer?

“Breverton is unashamedly and proudly nationalistic. In his introduction he writes, ‘This book is not meant as an academic tome, as its purpose is to show tourists the type of people the Welsh are, and also to tell the Welsh themselves what they are not taught in schools.’ He then goes on to lament, ‘the utter ineptitude of Welsh political organisations, placemen quangos and a remote, uncaring London government, over the last five decades, has depressingly failed to secure a reasonable future for Wales.

He is justly proud of his Welsh heritage and, as with many an enthusiast, he wishes to share his passion with others. He has undoubtedly succeeded with this and put patriotism back into the reader’s spirit and maybe envy into the tourist’s heart. It is important to keep this form of passive nationalism alive in order to keep the culture and language of Wales flourishing.” – Norma Penfold : A review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

Cari Glyn – Give Me Strength

The year is 1909. Bargoed is a burgeoning town in the Rhymney Valley since the sinking of the coal mine by Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company. Walter Lewis, the newly elected miners’ agent represents the working men of the valley who pay their penny due to the Fed, the South Wales Miners Federation.

“Wonderful book written by Cari Glyn a fellow pupil of my old school about our valley at the turn of the 20th century, full of drama and description, capturing the strength and humanity of the men and women, the fights for rights of the miners and welfare, the chapel, the union, the concert, five a side (and not forgetting the bat and catti )….the sadness and gladness of a great story, well told. Completely without cliche, really gripping. Thoroughly recommended!” – David Jonathan Francis

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