Collect an Email List

The best way to build a platform is to compile an email list of readers and authors who are interested in what you have to say. If you have a website, blog or YouTube channel you can use that to get email subscribers. This should be your number one marketing service.

Your email list should provide value. People will unsubscribe if your emails are too spammy or unhelpful. Give your readers useful or helpful information, book recommendations, tips on how to start writing a book, or a handy list of marketing tips.

Gather a Book Launch Team

Try to get friends, family, work colleagues, etc. to form a book launch team. Particularly for self-publishers, this group is crucial for author support, early book reviews, and word of mouth. Some people will do this because they love you. Others may need an incentive, like a giveaway.

A great way to market your book to friends and family is to include them in the marketing process.

Choose the Right Kindle Keywords

Every author has to choose the right KDP keywords because it’s how Amazon decides which search terms they should put you in the search results. At Publish & Print we do this for you but if you have some specific keywords you would want us to use just let us know.

Amazon lets you add 7 keywords to your book. Use keywords that readers are searching for, that shoppers will pay for, and ones that don’t pose too much competition.

Run Promotions

Discount your book frequently. Especially if you’re a first-time author, a lot of readers are always looking for deals. I know, offering your hard work up for free or a low price is soul destroying but discounting a book can help you get readers, especially if you have other books on the horizon.

Use these promos as marketing tools. Consider running Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, BookBub Ads, and tweet how your book is on sale. Saving money excites people.

Network with Other Authors

You should be networking with other authors, especially in your genre, through writer’s conventions, big book fairs, book clubs, Facebook groups, etc.

This ‘marketing tip’ doesn’t mean that you are just making friends with other authors just as a tactic to sell more books. Instead, approach networking like joining a mutual support group for people with the same passion as you.  Sure, you may be able to cross-promote as a result of these relationships but forming connections has to be personal and heartfelt, not sales-based.  Lots of websites, like have forums which have great communities to engage with other like-minded people.  Otherwise it’ll be easily seen through.

Write a Great Book Description

Also called a blurb, you need to write a great book description. The summary that appears on the back of your book (or on your book’s Amazon sales page) is a new author’s third most important marketing tool (after a professional, intriguing cover design, and an error-free first chapter with a hook).

Utilize Amazon Author Central

You should create an official ‘Author page’, which may make a huge difference in your sales and strengthen your legitimacy as an author. It also gives you certain capabilities on Amazon that help you convert readers into fans.

Check out Dave Lewis’ page to see what a good Amazon Author page looks like.


Best Ways To Market Your Book
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