In order to get your work published we will require a few things from you:

  • You will need to have typed up your work in a suitable word processing package. If you cannot do this we can do it for you for a charge
  • When your book is ready, send it to us in electronic format. Ideally, this will be as a Microsoft Word file / document. Attach to an email

Our standard packages & prices apply to books with text only. If you would like to include photographs or other graphics, an additional cost will apply. Special formatting features such as bullet points, foot notes, and tables will also incur an extra charge.

We will format your book, with page numbers centered at the bottom of the page, page breaks at the end of each chapter, and all paragraphs indented. We use a standard, Times New Roman, font, size 11 or 12. You may request other formats if you wish.

Amazon Kindle formatting uses html so leave that to us.

We offer a standard ‘text-only’ book cover, but for an extra £80, we can design a more professional looking cover using high quality images and Adobe Photoshop.

  • If you want to design your own cover and send it to us that is fine. We’ll provide you with the exact size when required

The back cover of most books usually has a book description or ‘blurb’. You will need to send us this as well in order for us to design the cover.

  • If you have your own blurb, which may include quotes from newspapers, websites or magazines and/or praise from famous authors then this can also be added to the back cover
  • Including a good quality author photo is also a good idea

Any questions, feel free to contact us.