How To Avoid Paying US Taxes

By default the ‘masters of the universe’ will withhold 30% of your money (royalties).

Yes, Amazon (in USA) withhold 30% of your earnings. The good news though is that if you live in Ireland, the UK or Canada, you can put a stop to this and get 100% of your earnings from Amazon because your country and the US have an agreement known as a tax treaty.

It used to be a nightmare where the US IRS required you to get an ITIN, in order to claim back any tax but it appears to be a lot easier now.

When you publish with us you have the choice of two POD publishers. One of these now makes it a lot easier to set up the tax treaty. We will need your NI number to do this for you. The other POD are still taking too long over this though.

If you publish a book with us we can advise or do the forms for you.