We can produce a variety of paperbackĀ sizes for you. Whichever size you choose, a proof copy will have to be purchased from the Print On Demand (POD) company. We offer the following sizes of prefect bound paperback:

  • A5 (the most popular)
  • 6in x 9in
  • 5.25in x 8in
  • Royal (15.6cm x 23.4cm)
  • Crown Quarto (18.9cm x 24.6cm)
  • Pocket size (10.8cm x 17.5cm)

The printing cost of your book will vary in relation to the sizes. Generally, the more pages a book has, the higher the cost. Images (especially colour) can also increase the cost of a book.

We can format to the correct size for you, all we need is one Word document (usually A4 or sized to A5). Once your book is with us we re-size, setup margins, page breaks, section breaks, page numbers etc. We also create a copyright page, add the ISBN from the POD company or one you supply.


If there are mistakes, edits, errors which weren’t spotted by yourself prior to agreeing the project completed, a second proof copy may need to be purchased and so on. So our advice is to check very carefully before agreeing the final draft of your work. A good idea is to have someone else read over your work before submitting as a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ often sees mistakes you would otherwise miss.