Sally Spedding was born by the sea near Porthcawl and studied Sculpture at Manchester and St. Martin’s, London. While an exhibiting artist and full-time teacher, she won an international short story competition and was approached by an agent. Wringland, set in haunted Fen country, was published in 2001. Sally is also twice winner of the international Welsh Poetry Competition.

Blood At Beltane

It’s June 2007 when Welsh poet and lecturer Ifor Griffiths gets news that he’s to receive a prestigious Bursary enabling him to further research and translate the poetry of the late, hermitic Gaspard Lecroix, from the Sarthe department in France.

Normally, this would be thrilling news, but it comes freighted with danger, not least from his mean-spirited partner, Menna Edwards with whom he has a young son, Arthur. Ifor is guarding a potentially risky secret, having fallen in love with a beautiful, young Muslim woman whom he’d met in Le Mans the previous year. A woman with powerful connections and a secret agenda of which he knows nothing.

Meanwhile, sous-lieutenant Delphine Rougier has encountered the truly bizarre Athène Lardin at her rundown farmhouse, where many almost dead birds lie twitching in agony. But why? And what is this bitter, bizarre woman’s real agenda? Who is the surly man she seems to be related to? And as the days pass, with ever more unforeseen and shocking events causing fear and tension at the Labradelle gendarmerie, will Delphine and her boss, Colonel Valon, with whom she is having a relationship, be able to prevent further tragedy and eventually find happiness?

Or will Lardin with her obsessive agendas prevail? And the poet Ifor Griffiths who’s inadvertently stepped into a death-trap, ever see his young son again?

Only Walpurgis Night will reveal the truth.

Office For The Dead

DC Martin Webb is helping his widowed father move on from prison to a new life, when he learns of an apparently motiveless shooting of a local crane driver at Portsmouth Docks.  Why was that man shot, and why did one of the crates destined for France, contain the headless, handless body of a naked young man with a Pater Noster rosary bead in his rectum?

French-speaking Martin is sent to investigate and soon becomes embroiled in an ever-darkening web of secrecy and terror. Could that butchered victim be connected to a secretive Seminary tucked away amongst vineyards and sunflowers in a remote part of the Aude? Martin must discover who really was the victim in that crate? And why?  Who might be next? And with yet more horrors to come, can his and Dora’s love prove strong enough to survive?

The Devil’s Garden

Delphine Rougier, while training to become a gendarme in the Corrèze, witnesses a middle-aged couple emptying a suspicious-looking liquid into a nearby stream. It’s poison. But why? The couple vanish and Delphine finds their car a burnt-out wreck. Also, their farm’s cows have been savaged by wolves previously unseen in the region. There are more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, her mother’s killer, Patrick Gauffroi, has been sprung from a Paris jail. Who helped him escape, and why? Is he now stalking Delphine? She becomes stretched on more than one front. Friends become enemies. But Delphine is determined to uncover the truth, in relation to both her investigation and Gauffroi’s true nature. Even at the risk of losing everything, Including her life.


Retired farmer, François Rougier, is creating a shrine near his dilapidated farm in the Sarthe, when his wife tells him they have received another threatening letter. The letter is worse than the last. Both know why. But they must at all cost keep their secrets hidden from their daughter. Delphine Rougier, who owns ambitions of becoming a gendarme, works as a chambermaid in a hotel near Le Mans.

One morning Delphine discovers a new-born baby boy, left in one of the rooms. Dead. Delphine soon begins her own investigation into the horrific crime – and uncovers not only corruption within the local gendarmerie but also a disturbing event involving her father in 1968. Secrets and enemies are unleashed. Delphine and her parents are plunged into grave danger, becoming the target for a ruthless assassin. Justice must be done. But whose justice?

The Nighthawk

France, early April 1986 and fifty-four-year-old John Lyon, newly retired Detective Inspector from Nottingham, breaks his journey in the eastern Pyrenees where he stumbles across a strange, half-hidden house and an intriguing name on its letter box.This attractive, wheelchair-bound woman with a new name and nationality, soon draws him into her world shaped by a tragic past. As that past catches up and enemies draw closer, who is lying? Who tells the truth? Who has most to lose?But John has fallen in love and is also a target.

Only La Chasse, a hunt to the death in wild scrubland, where loyal Frenchmen have also entered the night. Where shocking truths will be revealed, and blood will be shed. The Nighthawk is a dark, enthralling thriller that grips from start to finish. Recommended for fans of Gillian Flynn, Bernard Minier and Manda Scott.

Behold A Pale Horse

This literary thriller mainly set in London and the south of France, draws upon parallels of evil through the ages.

From 1271-1310 after the purging of the Knights Templar in 1307 and the round-up and torture of homosexuals from the French Riviera during World War II, to 1983 and young Catherine and Clement Ash’s loveless marriage.

It also charts one deranged old man’s unfinished business leading to a different, even more deadly Apocalypse.

tyc_175_250The Yellowhammer’s Cradle

According to ancient folklore in Scotland and northen England, the yellowhammer bird is said to drink a drop of the Devil’s blood every May Day morning, but for pretty, young, Catriona McPhee in rural Argyll in 1846, this mere titbit will never satisfy her dark soul.

From the day she arrives to work as a maid at Ardnasaig House on the bleak shores of Loch Nonach during the time of the Clearances, she brings a growing fear to those already there. Yet nothing – not even her shocking secret – will dent her ambition.

However, Janet Lennox, the housekeeper’s plain, less-educated daughter, harbouring her own tragedy, has other ideas, and soon a dance to the death begins. As winter chills the vast rooms and freezes the bottomless Loch Nonach, who, within that haunted, granite prison, will live, and who will die?

cuttothebone_cover_175_250Cut To The Bone

WHERE NO-ONE IS SAFE… In 2008, when Rita Martin’s feckless husband leaves her and their three children to fend for themselves, her secure world is turned upside down.

When they have to move to Coventry’s Scrub End estate, her every worst fear is realised. Yet how can she possibly know that her eldest son’s best friend from a nearby luxury development has only evil in mind? A teenage boy with, it seems, everything, yet damaged and dangerous like the very area itself.

And will DI Tim Fraser believe Rita enough to help protect her family and bring a killer to justice?

CUT TO THE BONE is a dark, psychological chiller, set in troubled times. You will be left unsure whom to trust and wondering when all else fails, if even love is enough.

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